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EventJenny helps you organise and promote targeted B2B events such as launch events, demo and info sessions, meetups, workshops and seminars to get your business in front of the right customers and partners.

For whom?

You who are a busy, kind, open-minded, hard working entrepreneur with an ambition to grow your business


- Event management & consultation
- Marketing & communication tailored to your needs

Save time, headache and money

Leave the organisation in the hands of a professional so that you and your staff can focus on what you do best - serving your customers


Event marketing & marketing events
Jenny Bjorklof

Jenny Bjorklof


Just like the most famous company in Finland, I'm all about "Connecting People". And making your business successful.

I started EventJenny to combine my interests and experience in Entrepreneurship, Events and Marketing.

To help you and your business I offer to organise your events and make sure the right people attends.

See previous projects in the portfolio link or visit my LinkedIn profile.

What do you get?

Service tailored to your needs
Event management & consultation

Event management & consultation

Value and effeciency

Event management from start to finish.

Registration, venue and speaker sourcing, stakeholder communication, travel bookings...

Or advice on how you can organise an event effectively.

Marketing & communication

Marketing & communication

Social media & email

Integrate your event with a marketing campaign executed before, during and after the event on social media and email.

You can also book workshops and consultations on networking, personal branding and community building.

Conference & expo

Conference & expo

Have an idea for something bigger?

Save costs and increase reach.

Partner with companies who have complimentary products and services but the same customers as you.

Organise an event together wiht EventJenny to attract them .


Not ready to hire someone for your event marketing needs just yet? Here are some resources on how you can get started on your own

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