Community building is very time consuming, but effective, it can be done basically without a budget. And most of all: it is very rewarding to build a community around something you care about.

The benefits I’ve received of being a community manager and event organiser for Entrepreneurs Anonymous are:

  • Met great people and made new entrepreneurial friends. This was especially important when changing careers and going from employed to self employed.
  • As a community manager and event organiser I have built a large network, everyone knows the organiser.  
  • Feel great when people thank me for impacting their lives and improving their business.
  • Have a great reason to reach out to interesting people and ask them to speak at my event
  • Improve presentation skills
  • Improve digital marketing skills
  • Opportunities to share these skills  
  • Get business, I got freelance gigs on website building and event consulting even without openly being on the market for it.
  • To the extent I started EventJenny and made a business out of it. 

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