Here is a list of projects I’ve been involved with since 2015

Entrepreneurs Anonymous 

Entrepreneurs Anonymous is a community of like-minded people where founders, both new and experienced, can connect, learn and get inspired. 

In the last 2 years I’ve been involved with organising at least an event a week, that is 100+ events! 

The Dublin chapter of Entrepreneurs Anonymous with 6000+ members even got awarded being one of the most active groups in the world. 

While promoting these events I’ve developed skills in event planning, project management and digital marketing, namely with email, LinkedIn and Facebook. And I’ve used and Eventbrite a lot to promote events. 

B.U.I.L.D (Businesses United for Innovation, Learning & Development)

B.U.I.L.D (Businesses United​ ​for Innovation, Learning and Development) is set up to offer more opportunities for people with an entrepreneurial mindset to learn from each other and build successful businesses. Together. 

I’ve organised and promoted several B.U.I.L.D events in Belgium, Ireland and Finland workshops, trainings, lectures, seminars and hackathons in the topics of sales, marketing, branding, customer engagement, self development, finance, law, growth hacking and any other topic which in one way or another can help businesses become better.

With B.U.I.L.D and Entrepreneurs Anonymous combined we have now now 15 000+ members in 10+ European cities. 

Travel Meets Big Data  

The hackathon + conference brought together 200 software developers, data scientists, business developers and marketers to analyse large sets of data or ‘Big Data’ to reveal trends and patterns relating to human behaviour and interactions to build commercially viable products and services.

Event sponsors, Dublin Airport and Hostelworld challenged participants to build an efficient security screening system for Dublin Airport and a recommendation engine for users for Hostelworld.

I managed all the communication with the stakeholders (attendees, speakers, sponsors, venue & catering) and was responsible for the event promotion. I wrote and managed all the content on the website.

Community Gent

Community Gent is a collaboration platform between the City of Ghent and various organizations and individuals active in the following sectors; culture, sports, economy, science, education and healthcare.

The working groups of Community Gent are:

  • Wijze Vrouwen (wise women)
  • Jong & Wijs (young and wise)
  • MAN-talks (Management Assistant Network)
  • G100 (city influencers getting together to make Gent a better place to live and work in)
  • Expats

Before starting EventJenny I was the president of the Expats working group leading a team of ten volunteers. We organised following events

Living and Working in Ghent An expat event by Community Gent called “Living And Working in Gent” took place the 6th of October at the Bijloke Muziekcentrum. About 200 guests came to speed date with organizations supporting expats to feel more at home in Gent.

Expat Financial Affairs Ghent was organised in collaboration with BNP Paribas Fortis and British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium. The event was held at Vlerick Managment School. The event offered essential advice, in English, on managing finances as an expat in Belgium.

New Year’s reception a family friendly New Year’s reception for expats was organised at the STAM – Ghent City Museum.

  Travel Open Partnership

Travel Open Partnership (TOP) is a new travel technology startup. TOP disintermediates the Online Travel Agencies by offering hotels the means to earn travel commission themselves from their guests’ upcoming trips.

I supported the launch of Travel Open Partnership with market research, customer discovery & event planning.  

Office Box 

Office Box is a small co-working space in Ghent 

Responsible for organising community events such as Lunch & Learn, breakfast sessions. Also managed the Facebook page.

FSE Network (now FoodWIN)

FoodWIN is the European Food Waste Innovation Networksupporting European cities to reduce food waste. 

I was part of a team organising seven Brussels Food Exchanged Cafés, events building a community with food surplus entrepreneurs. I was in charge of promoting the events and taking pictures.

I also helped with coaching, social media and photography for Food Waste Challenge events in Amsterdam and Leuven. The event concept: From idea to business model. In this innovation weekend participants met with existing entrepreneurs and innovators, helped them co-create ideas, formed teams, developed their ideas into business-tested and pitched them to a jury of experts. The jury gave feedbacks and award prizes to the most promising ideas.